STEM Trading Card Kickstarter Launching July 16!!

Announcement!!! The enormously popular STEM Trading Cards from Science Delivered will finally be available to everyone!

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On July 16, 2019 we are launching a STEM Trading Card Kickstarter! It will run until August 23rd. For those unfamiliar, Kickstarter is a platform that allows you to “back” a new, in-development product. We are using the Kickstarter platform as a way of getting our STEM Trading Cards to a wider audience.

STEM Trading Cards feature diverse STEM professionals in a collectible and tradable format. They are kid-tested and approved! They are a great way to learn about the people working on the forefront of STEM fields, to learn about STEM career paths, and to create the kind of excitement about STEM role models that is usually reserved for actors and athletes.

All of our featured “STEMists” are people interested in education, diversity, equity, and/or (but mostly “and”) environmental conservation. They are the kind of role models you can feel confident about your child or students admiring.

We are also teaming up with ErinEDU to feature STEM Stars in her book Everyday Superheros: Women in STEM.

Would you like to be a part of this Kickstarter campaign? A super-easy, really impactful way to support science education for kids is to help us spread the word! Sign up to be part of our “Launch Day Team” or help share the Kickstarter during the rest of the campaign. We would love to have you!


We will also be launching a STEM Trading Card website very soon where you can see all STEMists and also learn more about them! If you’d like to get updates about the STEM Trading Card project or Science Delivered’s activities please sign-up here.

Thank you so much for reading and we can’t wait to share these cards with you!

Please note: We are a nonprofit but Kickstarter is not a donation platform (you will receive a product!) but the product does not ship until the fall. This is because Kickstarter is used to help launch NEW in-development products from individuals or smaller organizations that don’t have the development budgets large companies do. Kickstarter allows the public to pick which products they’d like to see developed!