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Our goal is to provide programs to schools at low or no cost. That's where you come in. Donors can see our supply and program list below, or give to the greatest need (always a great option).

Transparency! For unrestricted donations, 85% of the donation goes directly toward the cost of in-class Science Labs ($150), 12% goes toward the development of new classes and/or overhead, and ~3% is taken as a transaction fee by PayPal (for online donations).

Overhead Even small non-profits need to spend on overhead! Appropriate overhead spending will vary based on the needs and structure of each non-profit. As a home-based business, our overhead is currently quite low, but note overhead spending on it's own is NOT a good way to judge a non-profit. Instead, look to see if the non-profit is committed to it's mission, having an impact, and paying it's employees a living wage. See the "Overhead Myth".

Science Delivered is a 501c3 organization; your contribution is tax deductible.

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Is Science Delivered a good fit for you?
Contact for more information.

Volunteering in the Classroom
If you would like to help in the classroom, please get in touch! It's a fun, rewarding experience.

Write for our Blog
Having something interesting to say about science or education? We'll post it on our blog and link it to our Facebook and Twitter accounts!

Board Members
We will periodically be recruiting for our board. We are seeking San Diego residents who have strong community ties, and a business, science and/or education background. The Charlottesville Branch may also be looking for members for an advisory Board. Know a good fit? Let us know!

We are always open for collaborations that are a good fit! This can be with another business, non-profit, institution or even an individual.

Paid Positions
Currently we do not have paid positions available, but if this is of interest to you please get in touch. Likely, we will have part-time long or short term opportunities in the next 1-2 years in San Diego.

Full all volunteer opportunities and collaborations, please contact Dr. Olivia Mullins at