Book Announcement: "Experimenting with Science" is published!

Science Delivered founder "Dr. Olivia" has authored her first book! "Experimenting with Science" is published by Wiley and the For Dummies people. It's part of a new Dummies series for kids, aimed at ages 7-11, but we think grown-ups can enjoy it too.

Inside you'll find some of our favorite experiments! All experiments are done with simple and mostly household materials. We take on: Forces, Air Pressure, Sound, Chemistry, Plants and Animals, Perception and Art and Science. Check out the bonus material too!

Time for Credits! Our models were Teke Helms and Annika and Avery Pitts. Sam Poon did much of the photography work. Cynthia Mullins did several of the art and science experiments and inspiration for using recycled materials for Magnet Monsters can from Erin Pennell from ArtFORM. Paul Bonthius and Charles Toth did the technical editing, and Oliver Mullins helped with some Chemistry. Stephanie Mullins helped edit some of the "layman" pictures we had. Thanks everybody for your great efforts!