Science Delivered works to elevate elementary science education and educational equity.

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Our Mission

The mission of Science Delivered is to promote a love of science and learning. We focus on
providing equal access to education by engaging primarily with underserved communities.

Our Vision

 Our vision is a future in which students have equal access to quality education.
   We additionally envision a future with a society excited by science and
    poised to meet great challenges, like clean energy production and climate change.

What We Do

We provide engaging and accessible science activities
We aim to bring science to life for our students, especially those with limited educational opportunities. We combine our outreach and scientific expertise to create memorable educational experiences.

We promote critical thinking and problem solving
Critical thinking is the most basic, yet also the most essential, aspect of science.  Yet this skill does not always come naturally! We encourage our students to critically engage and explore the world around them.

We change ideas about who can be a scientist
Representation matters. Through our presenters, volunteers, and take-home Scientist Series cards (coming soon), we aim to show the diverse group of people who contributed to STEM knowledge.

We support our students and their communities
Our high school CAPTS program teaches leadership and communication skills that students use to teach science and mentor within their own communities. We encourage our students to use their voice and understand their value.